Self-Determination makes it possible for consumers to be the planners and decision makers in how they manage their supports and services. Each TTI consumer has the option to develop a Self-Determination Arrangement, which gives them greater choice, flexibility and control through the use of an individual budget, fiscal intermediary and direct contracting with service providers. 

In a Self-Determination Arrangement, the consumer becomes the “Employer of Record,” and is responsible for finding, screening, hiring, supervising and paying his or her employees (the providers with whom he or she chooses to work). Each consumer who opts for Self-Determination has a budget that he or she oversees with the help of the TTI employee designated as the consumer’s fiscal intermediary, who helps consumers develop and manage the cost of services associated with their care. The fiscal intermediary helps consumers understand accounting tasks and helps them ensure that the providers they choose are credentialed to provide the necessary service.