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Medicaid Redetermination

Medicaid Renewal Redetermination

During the federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE), changes were made to the state’s and the nation’s Medicaid program’s eligibility, administration, and policies to prevent Medicaid beneficiaries from losing their healthcare coverage during the PHE. With the formal end of the PHE, Michigan and states across the country will be restarting Medicaid eligibility renewals effective April 1, 2023. This means that persons with Medicaid coverage will need to re-enroll, during their re-enrollment month, to retain their Medicaid coverage.

Below are two resources, recently issued by MDHHS, to assist you and your staff in supporting those whom your organization serves, who have Medicaid coverage, to retain that coverage:

Medicaid Eligibility Notification Timeline: The timeline for the Medicaid re-enrollment process is outlined in the attached, underscoring that re-enrollment will be required of Medicaid enrollees on their re-enrollment date – dates that are spread throughout the year. Note that the first re-enrollment notification letters will be sent, in March 2023, to Medicaid beneficiaries whose re-enrollment date is in June 2023. This timeline can be found at: Eligibility Notification Timeline (michigan.gov