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Corporate Compliance

About Corporate Compliance

TTI’s Corporate Compliance Program promotes prevention, detection and resolution of any conduct that does not comply with federal, state and/or local law.

The Program Emphasizes:

Education and training to assist in the prevention of wrongdoing
Maintaining resources and information for staff regarding the detection and prevention of wrongdoing
Prevention of wrongdoing – whether intentional or unintentional
Immediate reporting and investigation of questionable activities and practices without consequences to the reporting party
Timely correction of any situation which puts the agency, its leadership or staff, funding sources or consumers at risk
The Corporate Compliance Hotline is part of the process used to identify and resolve legal violations that may adversely affect employees,
patients or the organization
The Hotline number is 1-866-229-6636. Employees are encouraged to report issues either anonymously or in confidence via the hotline
TTI’s Corporate Compliance Officer will ensure that all hotline calls are addressed in an appropriate and timely manner, as well as in accordance with all related
policies and procedures

Stacey Dettloff, MA, LPC, LLP

Chief Operating Officer
Corporate Compliance Officer
Phone: 248-969-9932
Fax: 248-969-0950