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Individual Placement & Supports

About Individual Placement & Supports 

Individual Placement & Supports (IPS) is an approach to vocational rehabilitation for individuals that emphasizes helping people obtain competitive work in the community and providing the supports necessary to ensure success at the workplace. The emphasis is on helping individuals find jobs paying competitive wages in integrated settings. IPS facilitates the recovery of work-interested clients by supporting them in their efforts to be successful.

Eight Principles of IPS:

Competitive Employment is the Goal
The focus is on finding community jobs anyone can apply for that pay at least minimum wage, including part-time and full-time jobs.

Eligibility is Based on Choice
No one is excluded who wants to participate.

IPS is Integrated with Treatment
Employment specialists coordinate plans with your treatment team including:
  • Case manager,
  • Therapist,
  • Psychiatrist and/or nurse practitioner,
  • Etc.

Client Preferences are Important
Choice and decisions about work and support are individualized, based on the person’s preferences, strengths and experiences.

Employment Specialists Help
Clients Obtain

Personalized, understandable and accurate information about their Social Security, Medicaid and other government entitlements.

Job Search Starts Soon after an individual Expresses Interest in Working
There are no requirements for completing extensive pre-employment assessment and training, or intermediate work experiences.

Employment Specialists Build an Employer Network Based on
Clients’ interests, developing relationships with local employers by making systemic contacts.

Follow-Along Supports are Continuous, Individualized Supports to Maintain Employment
They continue as long as individuals want the assistance.