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Family Psychoeducation

About Family Psychoeducation

Family Psychoeducation (FPE) is an evidence-based practice helping individuals and their families gain education on mental health, build supports, increase communication, and develop problem-solving and coping skills.

Whatever your family looks like – FPE has been shown to be effective for all families including parents, relatives, close friends, neighbors! Individuals experience better outcomes when their families or supports are involved. 

Explore FPE:

  • Forming an alliance
  • On-going education about mental health
  • Problem-solving
  • Creating social supports
  • Developing coping skills
  • Mental Illness
  • Managing Stress
  • Navigating the public mental health system
  • That other people have similar needs and experiences
  • New ways to deal with common problems/concerns (taking medication, employment, social activities)
  • Improving family relationships and general health
  • Improved clinical outcomes (fewer relapses / fewer symptoms)
  • Reduction in need for crisis intervention
  • Reduction in hospitalizations
  • Improvement in community functioning, social activities and decreased isolation
  • Feeling in better control over life for individuals and their families
  • Better employment retention
  • Progress in Recovery!

TTI offers Family Psychoeducation (FPE) Groups at most of our sites.
If you and/or your supports are interested please follow up with your location and/or case manager.