About Us


Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life of the individuals we serve through an array of clinical best practices that inspire healthy living, empowerment, and recovery while promoting the attainment of personal goals and independence.

Our Vision

To assist consumers in advancing their levels of independence, personal choice, and control over their lives that result in improved quality of life, financial stability, and full community integration. We will continue to:

  • Do so in a manner characterized by a balance of choice, quality, performance, and cost.
  • Be known for doing what is right with and for our consumers and their support system.

TTI Beliefs

  • Each life is unique.
  • In the enrichment of diversity.
  • Each person has the right of choice & no person should stand alone in exercising that choice.
  • Involvement of a caring family increases the likelihood of personal success.
  • In the right to privacy & confidentiality.
  • Compassion, creativity, flexibility and energy are necessary traits in mental health workers.
  • Education is the key to understanding.
  • People in crisis deserve immediate, compassionate support 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • Services based upon best practices.
  • In the person/family centered philosophy.
  • In honoring the faith entrusted to us as members of a person-centered team.
  • Successful services & supports require mutual trust, respect & honest communication.
  • In being committed to the highest standards of comprehensive community-based care for the persons we serve.
  • In holistic integrated treatment of individuals with co-occurring psychiatric, developmental &/or substance use disorders.
  • In a system wide approach to providing trauma informed care as we recognize the potential impact trauma has on the quality of one’s life.
  • In the recovery philosophy & that all consumers deserve the best quality of life possible.
  • In using peer support specialists, as appropriate, to deliver services or to help consumers navigate the system.
  • All behavior is a form of communication.
  • In the integration & coordination with physical health, behavioral health and substance use disorders.
  • In embracing a philosophy of care that promotes dignity, empowerment, independence & belonging as components of a self-determined life.
All services and supports provided by TTI staff reflect our belief in the recovery philosophy and consumer choice. Services are provided by culturally competent and ethically sensitive staff.

Limited English Proficiency Rights

Training & Treatment Innovations, Inc. offers free interpreter services to help individuals gain meaningful access to TTI programs and services.  

تقدم شركة Innovation Training & Treatment Innovations، Inc خدمات مترجم شفوي مجانية لمساعدة الأفراد على الوصول بشكل ملموس إلى برامج وخدمات TTI.

Training & Treatment Innovations, Inc. ofrece servicios de interpretación gratuitos para ayudar a las personas a obtener un acceso significativo a los programas y servicios de TTI.

Training&Treatment Innovations,Inc.提供免费的口译服务,以帮助个人有意义地使用TTI计划和服务。


Non-Discrimination Policy

Training & Treatment Innovations, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of culture, ethnicity, religion, economic status, gender expression or identity, or sexual orientation. TTI provides accommodation for consumers with social, communication, or physical disabilities. 

Training & Treatment Innovations, Inc. no discrimina por motivos de cultura, etnia, religión, situación económica, expresión o identidad de género u orientación sexual.

لا تميز ابتكارات التدريب والمعالجة بالتمييز على أساس الثقافة أو العرق أو الدين أو الوضع الاقتصادي أو التعبير أو الهوية الجنسية أو الميل الجنسي.

Training&Treatment Innovations,Inc.不会基于文化,种族,宗教,经济地位,性别表达或身份或性取向进行歧视。


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