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Young Adult Program

About Young Adult Program

TTI recognizes that the transition into adulthood represents a challenging period for the young adult population and that the
complex challenges may be even more difficult to overcome when coupled with a mental illness.

Young Adult Program Goal

The Young Adult Program helps create a circle of support for young adults between the ages of 18 and 26. 

The Young Adult Program is specifically designed to aid these individuals in their attempts to establish themselves with friends and families, as well as help them develop in their evolving roles as employees, students, residents and members of the community.

In addition to traditional case management services, this program offers individual and group therapy, family support group, co-occurring substance abuse group, independence classes and skill building/psycho-educational groups. Individuals in the program also have access to a housing specialist and occupational, behavioral and substance abuse therapies.

Under the TIP system individuals are assisted in the following domains:

TTI employees help young adults identify their individual talents and skills to achieve and maintain competitive employment. They also assist in reviewing job postings, resume writing, job application completion, interviewing skills and occupational therapy referrals.

After identifying consumers’ interests and needs, TTI employees will work with them on furthering their education by assisting with the enrollment process, financial aid paperwork and study habits/organizational skills.

TTI employees assist consumers in maintaining an appropriate current living situation, and if necessary, give them referrals for alternatives.

Employees assist individuals in developing personal effectiveness and community living skills, focusing on com-munity integration and resources. They assist consumers in areas including:

  • Daily living (budgeting, self-care, independent living)
  • Leisure activities
  • Community participation
  • Health
  • Self-determination
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal relationships

7 TIP system guidelines:

Engage individual through person-centered planning/personal choice

Tailor services to build on strengths, talents, etc.


Acknowledge/develop skill building

Broaden safety
net of support

Promote greater self-sufficiency and confidence

Results oriented
Bridging the gaps between family, friends and the community