Self Determination

About Self-Determination

Self-Determination is the philosophy that individuals have the right to live and be part of their community just like anyone else, by having the freedom to make their own choices for mental health treatment.  Through Self-Determination, individuals have the power to make meaningful choices about how to live their life through a person-centered plan and control of an individual service budget.  Self-determination teaches individuals responsibility and confirms their ability to live and participate fully in the community.    

In a Self-Determination Arrangement, the individual becomes the “Employer of Record”, and is responsible for identifying, interviewing, hiring, supervising and paying their employees (the providers with whom they choose to work with).  Each individual who opts for Self-Determination has a budget that they oversee with the assistance of TTI’s Self-Determination Coordinator, their case manager, and their identified Fiscal Intermediary. 

Self-Determination Brochure

    1. Freedom
      •  To plan your life with the supports necessary for life
    2. Authority
      •  In arranging resources and personnel to assist you in living in your community
    3. Support
      • To control a set sum of dollars in order to purchase supports as authorized in your plan of service and supported by your individual budget
    4. Responsibility
      • Of accepting a valued role in your community through employment, affiliations and spiritual development, and of being accountable for using public dollars in ways that are based on needs and that are life-enhancing
    5. Confirmation
      • Of the important leadership that self-advocates hold

An individual budget is the money needed for the services and supports that you use.  The budget is developed once the person-centered planning process is completed.  This is to ensure the budget has enough money for you to obtain each service or support in your plan.  The dollars contained in your budget can only be used for the services and supports in the plan. 

It is an agency that handles your personal budget.  The FI receives the money from your individual budget and makes payments to your workers or providers of services once they receive a timesheet or invoice from you.

  • You have control over your own life
  • You decide where you want to live, work and have fun
  • You determine who you want to help you reach your dreams and goals
  • You control your budget so your money can work for you

Self-Determination arrangements are available to any and all of TTI’s individuals receiving services.