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Medical & Nursing Services

About Medical & Nursing Services 

When used appropriately and safely, medication can reduce the symptoms of mental illness that interfere with a person’s quality of life.  With full consent, licensed psychiatrists and nurse practitioners prescribe psychiatric medication and closely monitor its effectiveness and safety.  Registered nurses assist in the administration and monitoring of medication. 

Medical & Nursing Services Goal

Medication services are individually planned with full regard for the consumer’s needs, preferences, desired outcomes and participation in treatment decisions.

Consumers and identified supports, such as their parent(s) or legal guardians, receive initial and ongoing education about each psychotropic medication prescribed.  The prescribing professional and registered nurses provide education before a medication is started, as well as ongoing education in response to consumer need, preference, and/or questions or concerns as they arise. 

This enhances consumers’ knowledge, helps them make more well-informed choices, assists them in providing valued feedback, and ultimately leads to safe and effective medication use along their recovery journey.

With consideration toward the high costs of certain prescriptions, consumers may
be eligible for:
  • Sample medications,
  • Patient Assistance Medication Programs (PAP) offered by Pharmaceutical Companies and/or
  • Short term assistance from TTI with obtaining medications (at applicable sites)

Determinations are based on each individual consumer’s circumstances and prescribed medication.  Consumers must apply for Medicaid and Patient Assistance Programs before any other form of assistance is considered.

Consumer eligibility for prescription assistance:

If a consumer is not eligible for prescription assistance, case managers will help them complete a budget to plan for medication costs and discuss with the prescribing physician any financial barriers to accessing prescribed medicines.

The generic brands of psychotropic medications, which are available for discounted prices at many local pharmacies, are prescribed when possible and appropriate.

Nursing services help promote total health for the consumer.  Registered nurses are available to administer psychiatric medication, monitor physical health, provide medication and health education, and assist consumers and staff with coordination of care for physical health needs.  They also perform medication reviews, evaluating and monitoring the medications a consumer is being prescribed.

Medication and Nursing services are provided at all TTI offices.