Job Descriptions

Outpatient Therapist

December 14, 2022 / 5 mins read

Full- or part-time. Provide individual and group psychotherapy in an outpatient setting to adults with mental illness. Outpatient therapists will provide support to adults with severe and persistent mental illness upon referral and generally address crisis resolution, therapeutic stabilization and improvement in adaptation. The ideal candidate is required to know/effectively use a range of therapeutic methods currently endorsed by standards of best practice and provide crisis intervention. Must have knowledge of a broad range of emotional and mental disorders, current treatment techniques, as well as psychotropic medications. Additional training and support in various Evidence Based Practices is strongly promoted. Conduct initial and annual psychosocial assessments to include diagnosis, develop person-centered plans and service reviews. Master’s in Social Work, Psychology, or Counseling with licensure.

Required: Master’s degree in Social Work, Psychology or Counseling. Must have appropriate credentials/ licensure.